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Umbertide is a small land crossed by the Tevere river and other less important streams, that rise in a small valley surrounded by green hills. Even if the center is of fairly reduced dimensions counting less then 14,500 in habitats, the historic importance is notable and its origins are very antique.

The most important monument of the land is the Rocca, a powerful midieval fortress that one can consider the symbol of Umbertide and that now is utilired to host various shows and exhibitions, among whitch the center for contemporary Art.

On all the heights thart surround the center of the community of Umbertide are placed many towers and castels that today reppresent one of the principale turist attractions of the land. Beyond the castles, Umbertide is rich of numerous , among whitch the Collegiata di S. Maria della Reggia, rich of numerous works of art. In addition it is possible to take a walk on the hills that surround the land, the woods of whitch are populated by wild pigs, foxex, hedgehogs, and other animals that have found in this almost uncontaminated nature an enviroment ideal for their survival.